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Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Sciences


Healthcare is one of the most debated and controversial issues facing our nation and the world today. From availability to affordability, healthcare influences the lives of millions of people daily. For more than a decade the World Health Organization has called for an integrated approach to improve global health by improving patient adherence to prescribed treatments. Despite this, very little improvement has been made in adherence trends since the 1980's. Some current research has focused on improved adherence through an understanding of the patient's perspective of healthcare. By understanding how the patient sees healthcare, physicians are able to provide more effective care.

This study focuses specifically on the role of nutrition in healthcare. Nutrition is implicated in the development and progression of some of the nation's most prevalent chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and obesity. This study aims to explore and understand how patients expect nutrition to play a role in healthcare. This understanding will help align physician education and practice with patient expectations and may lead to improved care.



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Heidi Wengreen

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Janet Anderson

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Rebecca Walton