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Departmental Honors


Art and Design


I intend to create one large scale permanent work for Utah State University as fulfillment for the senior thesis of my Honors degree. The site that has been approved for this project is the tunnel under HWY 89 connecting the student B parking lot to the eastern most end of campus where the art and engineering departments are located. This high traffic area is ugly, uninviting, and currently in need of repair. The site is perfect in its nature as a tunnel that leads towards the new School of the Arts and, thus it is an exquisite site for a new art installation. The parking lot, located on the south side of the highway, will also become one of the main parking lots for the new concert hall. The art is not only for the students but also for the public. Considering the location and its imperative viewers the work not only needs to be of high quality, but the materials also need to be of high quality. With its permanent attributes the work needs adequate lighting that can be easily replaced and must be constructed of material suitable to the climate to avoid drastic wear and tear. In short it must be long lasting and easy to maintain.

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Sculpture Commons



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JinMan Joe

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Alexa Sand