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Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning


Utah is experiencing major population growth and all of the problems that come with it, such as sprawl, congested roads, loss of open space, and declining quality of life. Kennecott Utah Copper owns 93,000 acres along the Oquirrh Mountains, half of which is developable. Their landholdings equal half of the developable land left in the Salt Lake Valley. Kennecott Land was formed to oversee the development of this land. Daybreak, the first of Kennecott Land's Sunrise developments, is located on the south-west side of the Salt Lake Valley, and is part of the City of South Jordan. Kennecott Land offers solutions to the population problems that Utah is experiencing through implementing New Urbanist concepts.

My goal is to understand this large scale, New Urbanist development and how this type of development will work in Utah. I hope to accomplish this through exploring the history of Kennecott Utah Copper, the current development trends that are occurring in the Salt Lake Valley, New Urbanist principles, and Daybreak.



Faculty Mentor

Michael Timmons

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Michael Timmons