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Departmental Honors


Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning


Art is not an object; it is a process that has three components; the individual, the experience, and the expression. The individual is the person creating art and includes all of their unique complexities, recognizing that people are dynamic. The experience includes everything that goes on within and around the individual that results in, and links them to, the expression. The expression is the result of the individual's experience, a manifestation or product, which may be tactile and physical or abstract and psychological, usually both. Only one of the three components need be unique for art to occur. Design process is similar to art process but takes place on a different scale and is included in the art process. Design process is a tool. The process the individual selects does not dictate the resulting artistic expression. There are infinite processes to choose from. This paper gives some examples including my personal design process and three project examples of how it has been used.



Faculty Mentor

Caroline Lavoie

Departmental Honors Advisor

Craig W. Johnson