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Bachelor of Science (BS)




Although my thesis centers on the use of bread metaphors to represent Christian themes in fiction, it became important that my thesis explored and examined a variety of food writing. Broadly defined, food writing has existed since the beginnings of literature. Because food encompasses all five senses, writing about food is a rich metaphorical tool. Bread is an excellent example of a prevalent food metaphor that largely involves all five senses. Early examples using this metaphor are found frequently in the Bible. My thesis also examines how this metaphor is present and used in contemporary fiction. Consideration is given to the effect bread references have on the reader. My thesis is divided into two components: a critical introduction that centers the second part which is a creative component, reflecting what I have learned about bread metaphors, Christian themes and the art of food writing.


This work made publicly available electronically on September 16, 2011.



Faculty Mentor

Dr. Charles Waugh