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Electrical and Computer Engineering


Doc Warner's Alaska Fishing LLC is a growing business operating out of Excursion Inlet, Alaska. Based in Bountiful, Utah, this company has experienced large amounts of growth in the past few years, and as a result has needed to make quick adaptations to accommodate larger groups of people fishing with them. Doc Warner's offers a unique experience in that they do not charter boats, but rather allow their guests to captain the boats. The number of vessels that might be fishing at any time has increased from four to more than twenty in the last three years. This large increase has made it difficult for the staff to watch over each individual boat, and the business feels that its customer service is declining from the high standard it desires to give. For example, if a boat has engine troubles, it is often over an hour before the staff is able to discover this and assist the guests. Doc Warner's would also like a way to alert their guests to current fishing "hot-spots". Other problems include guests wandering too far from the camp and potentially heading into dangerous waters, or guests staying out too late after curfew. Doc Warner's would like a system that will give them the location of each of their boats at any given time.


Faculty Mentor

K. L. Mine

Departmental Honors Advisor

Cal Eadric