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Getting into law school these days has become ultra-competitive. GPA's and LSAT scores that worked just a few years ago will not get a law school applicant into the same schools they will today. The economy as well as the attractiveness of a law degree (J.D.) have lead to record increases in the number of students applying for law school. Law schools have been forced to "raise the bar" in order to deal with the demand. Because this is the case, undergraduate students must find ways to distinguish themselves among applicants, stay on top of the application process, and achieve better scores. As an undergraduate student majoring in accounting and applying for law school this fall, the purpose of my thesis is to both attract COB students to the study of law and to serve as a source of information for the often confusing and tedious application process. My motives are to help other USU COB students get into the schools they want to and because I feel the needs of USU's pre-law undergraduate students are underserved -especially in the COB. The information I have gathered and the research I have done should be thought of as opinionated and subjective - I am only trying to pass on what I have learned about the process and as such my recommendations should only be thought of as opinions, or at the very least, items to consider and take into account to insure the student ends up in the right law school for him or her.

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E. Vance Grange

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Dwight Israelsen