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Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning


Popularity of suburban developments is not new to most communities of today. Many have come to the understanding that suburbia is the only way to go, and the only place to live and raise a family. What suburbanites don't understand and choose to avoid are the demanding requirements suburbia requires of our natural resources and open space.

In recent years, many have come to the understanding that our natural resources and open space are very valuable and must be preserved now and in the future. People have also noticed that implementation of basic design principles of residential communities are advantageous to them and the community. Residential communities that have integrated open space and environmental design principles have proven to be more cost efficient, beautiful, maintainable, economical, and water conserving. The design approach to achieve a successful and beautiful residential community includes: planning and design to help create community identity, sufficient site analysis, creating ample outdoor areas, appropriate plant selection, and incorporating the surrounding landscape into each individual lot. Application of these basic residential design principles will allow the general public as well as professionals to achieve quality design, quality living and preserve nature's most precious resources.



Faculty Mentor

Dave Bell

Departmental Honors Advisor

Michael Timmons