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Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning


Wellsville City is a small, rural community seeking to provide a high quality of life for its citizens. A valuable amenity to accomplish this goal is a trail system, as part of a regional greenway network. Greenways are interconnected linkages between community hubs or open spaces, destinations, parks, neighborhoods and public lands. Trails are a part of greenways, allowing recreational access through the corridors connecting these community hubs. The citizens of Wellsville desire the benefits that are provided by a trails or greenway system.

This document is the Wellsville City Trails Master Plan. Its purpose is to provide information on the greenway and trails system planning and public input process for Wellsville City, and to provide future direction for trail planning in Wellsville City. Specifically, the plan outlines the purpose and benefits of trail planning, as well as the greenway planning framework used for Wellsville City trail planning. The plan also documents the public trail planning process, from the initial public desire for trails to the collecting of public input on Wellsville City trails. This includes public workshop comments on trail preferences and Wellsville City survey data and comments. The plan provides the final Wellsville City Conceptual Trails Plan, with a description of trail types and recommendations for future trail planning and implementation.

A trails system and greenway network is an important component of community development. It provides a tool to obtain a vital economy, a high quality of life for citizens, and preservation of a community's rural and open space qualities. The Wellsville City Trails Master Plan provides a beginning step for trail and greenway planning in Wellsville City.



Faculty Mentor

Peter Kumble

Departmental Honors Advisor

Michael Timmons