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I consider myself a conceptual artist. My paintings and sculptures revolve around the contours of time - its movement, construction, and meaning. Awestruck by the fleeting feel of disaster and beauty my work maintains a sexy feel that never embodies rigidity, but rather emulates feminine elements. Intrigued by the same psychoanalysis that has grasped the attention of so many artists since the 20th century it is through symbolism and metaphors that my ideas are reached. Seeking the deeper meaning in things my paintings and sculptures try to express the aggregate of what I view as "time." The components and processes are all nuts and bolts that make up a whole far greater than what they are alone.

I have found that painting presents the optimal connection when attempting to capture the essence of a fleeting moment of the rapture in a flood of experiences. Each brushstroke is laid with such intensity, even ferocity; at times I can feel exactly what it is about. Embarking on the adventure of construction and sculpture I have found that there I can create symbols that influence the viewers interaction and understanding on an entirely new level. I find elements such as sound and light here may be added to reach a new boundary my paintings alone could not achieve.

My goal is to represent ideas of eternity; an instant, an entire life, or the deep and fanciful theories of quantum, warp and revolving time through the physical sense of movement through or with space. I am compelled to create; it is the edifying outlet for the overwhelming



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