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Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education


A positive correlation has been demonstrated between improved expressive language skills and intervention using literacy related activities in the school-aged populations for both normally developing and developmentally delayed children. Norris (1991) found that children's literature provides meaningful contexts that are ideal for helping school aged children learn language in a manner that is interesting an does not artificially fragment language into subcomponents or splinter skills. Children can learn to recognize and use the abstract, complex, and subtle aspects of language in the context provided in written language. "The use of written language for intervention provides a context for integrating spoken and written language. It enables the language-disordered child to acquire much of the vocabulary and the complex grammatical and discourse structures that are normally acquired though reading" (Nagy, as cited in Norris, 1991, p. 79).



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S. Maeerhot

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S. Maeerhot