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Departmental Honors


School of Teacher Education and Leadership


Our schools are overcrowded, teachers are spread too thin, and often children with learning disabilities are left alone to get by in school (Rosner, 1993). Many of them end up falling through the cracks in the floor by middle school. Learning disabilities are not manifest in physical ways necessarily and many times go unnoticed and/or untreated (Bloom, 1996). This can be very damaging to a child both in an academic sense and in an affective sense. Self-esteem is lowered and sometimes continued failure in one scholastic area can mean failure in other areas such as reading which in tum affects how a student performs in social studies or even math (Bartoli, 1998). Sometimes a child has a learning disability in more than one academic subject. Constant failure or falling behind can result in a "no care" attitude as well (Finlan, 1994).



Faculty Mentor

Deborah E. Habbs

Departmental Honors Advisor

Deborah A. Byrn