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I visited Primary Children's Medical Center on a fresh snow morning near the beginning of last winter. The hospital was not where it had been in my childhood, a quiet neighborhood in "the avenues" section of Salt Lake City; several years ago the hospital moved to a new location farther east on the Wasatch Mountain foothills, near the University of Utah Medical Center. The old brick building now sits sedate and empty at the top of a shaded hill. My memory of the old hospital is as a bright and oppressive place, full of the stuff of life and death. There had been a giant aquarium in the middle of the foyer back then, full of bizarre salt-water fish. Some had spiky fins and tails the color of fireworks; others were black and white, like zebras; still others were the kind that would puff up when you put your face against the glass or your finger in the water. This had occupied most of my attention; I was six years old.



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Helen B. Cannon

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Keith S. Samie