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Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning


The intent of this report is to analyze the feasibility of canal trails in North Logan City. The canals of Cache Valley are very historic, and cultural elements in the landscape. The original intent of the canals was to provide a supplementary water source to irrigate crops, for those who did not live near a water body. As populations have grown, and development has taken over much of these crop lands, the debate about what to do with these canals has heated up. One of the most common and previously debated ideas, is to leave the canals open, and provide a recreational trail along the maintenance road adjacent to the canal. The opposing idea is to pipe it and cover it, never to be seen again. This paper will research the idea of leaving the canal open, and providing a trail, thus glorifying the rich history of this valley. It will explain common concerns of the parties involved, positives of canals perceived by the parties involved, similar examples in Utah, Pros and cons trails have on communities, and make design recommendations. The information will come from studying similar projects in Utah, mainly the Jordan River Trail, and the Ogden River Trail, and gathering information from research done in other states.