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Departmental Honors


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


This capstone project is in conjunction with Northrop Grumman (NG). The goal of the project is for NG to apply an epoxy in the future to aerospace structures that they produce. This epoxy is meant to prevent corrosion of threaded joints in the structures. Although NG has the epoxy and has no issues procuring it, NG does not know the properties of the epoxy; it cannot be used until the epoxy’s nut factor is experimentally determined. The epoxy nut factor will be used for design and drawing purposes on various projects. To determine the nut factor, the Aggiepoxy team created a plate design that allowed for the testing of 20 bolts at a given time. The team utilized a Wheatstone bridge setup, connected to an amplifier, to measure preload and torque on the bolts.



Faculty Mentor

Jackson Graham

Departmental Honors Advisor

Joel Ellsworth