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Exploring How We Teach: Lived Experiences, Lessons, and Research about Graduate Instructors by Graduate Instructors


Sam Clem


Utah State University

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  • Love is a real power. It can be shown by family members who want you to succeed in healthy ways, instructors who are passionate for their work, and the care you give yourself—care for yourself during your graduate experiences.
  • Creativity helps the brain to be healthy and strong. Enact creativity in your life by artistic expressions, art making, or—for the super intimidated—journaling your thoughts/ideas/feelings to strengthen your brain.
  • Gratitude is a gift to be shared. Send a handwritten note to two folks who have shared their love and who care for you personally or who have shared a passion/professional love of their work with you to inspire your own research and education. In those notes, express how their care has impacted your life.
  • Emotional content can be debilitating. Many people have inexplicable feelings or emotional content made raw during graduate learning experiences. Finding healthy ways to vent the emotions such as through working out, a wicked game of spoons, or uplifting social experiences is a factor of support as you work to complete your degree; don’t ignore this support.