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Exploring How We Teach: Lived Experiences, Lessons, and Research about Graduate Instructors by Graduate Instructors


Sam Clem


Utah State University

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  • The neoliberal university undervalues teaching and upholds standardization practices that reproduce harm towards marginalized students. Black Studies approaches to education challenge these education standards.
  • Teaching for Black girls is a pedagogical approach derived from Black Girlhood Studies in which the instructor commits to engage students as their co-creator, co-witness, and co-conspirator.
  • All graduate student instructors can implement curricular tools and instill pedagogical values, such as instructor responsibility, student agency, collaboration, and reflexivity, to engage a practice of teaching for Black girls. In so doing, instructors model behaviors that promote Black girl thriving within and beyond the classroom.
  • Instructors in STEM can recognize their power within scientific production and engage teaching for Black girls to empower marginalized students and address the harms that have been inflicted on communities and the environment in the name of science.