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Students in the Huntsman School of Business were given first-hand insight into leadership techniques employed by one of the most outstanding business leaders in the world. On November 16, Jim Quigley was the guest speaker at the Dean’s Convocation. Much of his address focused on the importance of trust and ethics in the workplace. “Trust and confidence are absolutely essential in order for a leader to be able to function effectively,” he said. “When trust and confidence in a leader weakens, that leader no longer functions effectively.” Mr. Quigley also spoke to a large group of accounting students about the opportunities and challenges facing them as they enter the accounting profession today. He stated that this was a very exciting time to be entering the accounting profession. There are more opportunities than ever before, but U.S. accounting students are competing for jobs against bright, hard-working students from emerging countries around the world. “To be successful, you must work hard and be persistent,” he said.


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Jim Quigley, Deloitte Global, CEO, Huntsman School



Jim Quigley, '74, Former Deloitte Global CEO, Speaks to Huntsman School Students

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