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New Associate Editor


Francesco M. Angelici, Ph.D., currently works in the areas of behavioral ecology, wildlife management, zoogeography, and mammal systematic and conservation studies, particularly concerning carnivores, lagomorphs, and ungulates. His other fields of research are ornithology (Falconiformes, Passeriformes, and Strigiformes) and herpetology (ecology of snakes). He studies Mediterranean and tropical fauna, with particular reference to the conservation of vertebrates. He also works in the areas of planning and environmental conservation. He has planned 3 international congresses on “Problematic Wildlife,” and he is editor of 2 books published by Springer (one in press) on the same topic. He currently works also as a zoologist conservationist with hunting management agencies. He is also a specialist in African savannah environments as well as desert and tropical rain forests. He was a lecturer in courses in zoology (Vertebrate Zoology, Wildlife Management, Animal Ecology, and Zoogeography) from 1990 to 2009 in Italian universities. He is an associate professor in the Italian (and European) academic system.