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New Associate Editors


New associate editors are Dwayne Elmore and David Dahlgren.

Dwayne Elmore is a professor, wildlife extension specialist, and Bollenbach Chair in wildlife biology in the Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management at Oklahoma State University. Specific areas of interest include wildlife habitat relationships, Galliform ecology and management, and thermal ecology. Current research projects are focused on how management and human activity affect various species of grouse and quail. He works with stakeholder groups including private landowners, NGOs, U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Department of the Interior, and multiple state wildlife agencies to provide technical assistance on land management issues.

David Dahlgren completed his master’s and doctoral degrees as well as a post-doctoral fellowship while researching sage-grouse reproductive habitat and ecology at Utah State University (USU). Following his formal education, in 2010 he began working for the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism as their upland game specialist, a statewide coordinator position covering pheasants, quail, and prairie-chicken management and research. His time in Kansas reemphasized for him the importance of local communities, private producers and landowners, and inter-agency coordination for wildlife conservation and management. In 2013, he returned to USU and began a position as an extension associate working in the Community-based Conservation Program. In 2016, he began an assistant professorship within the Department of Wildland Resources at USU as an extension specialist with an emphasis on wildlife and rangeland habitat. He has a beautiful wife (Lacey), and 3 wonderful girls (Maylee–10; Adalou–8; and Phoebe–6). He is owned by 4 birddogs, one of which is a young German Wirehaired Pointer, his first non-German shorthair pup. He also loves fly-fishing and any time when he can get a fishing pole with a hooked fish at the other end into one of his daughters’ hands.