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Wednesday, October 26th
12:00 AM

A Novel Dual Inlet Tangential Vortex Drop Shaft: An Analytical and Numerical Study

S. Mulligan, VorTech Water Solutions Ltd
S. Pope, Armatec Environmental Ltd

12:00 AM

Anti Vortex Device to Operate Pump Intakes Below the Minimum Submergence

M. A. Angulo, UNLP
A. Rivetti, UNLP
C. V. Lucino, UNLP
S. O. Liscia, UNLP

12:00 AM

Feasibility Assessment of the Application of Delft3D Model to Simulate Flow over a Spillway in a Dam: Study Case of Hampaturi Dam in Bolivia

F. D. Oliveira, Universidad Mayor de San Simón
M. W. Heredia, Universidad Mayor de San Simón

12:00 AM

Prediction of Discharge Coefficient of Circular Side Orifice Through Machine Learning Technique

Syed Ahmed Noman, Aligarh Muslim University
Ajmal Hussain, Aligarh Muslim University
Mohd. Danish, Aligarh Muslim University
Rashid Ali, Aligarh Muslim University

12:00 AM

Submerged Flow Regimes Downstream of a Weir at Multiple Slopes

K. S. Vikas, Interdisciplinary Centre for Water Research
A. Sarkar, IIT Bhubaneswar

12:00 AM