Robust Designs for Scalability

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ACET Research symposium


Association for Educational Communications and Technology

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One-size-fits-all educational innovations do not work because they ignore contextual factors that determine an intervention’s efficacy in a particular local situation. Identifying variables within the intervention’s setting that represent important conditions for success and summarizing the extent to which the impact of the intervention is attenuated by variation in them can provide prospective adopters of the innovation a better sense of what level of effectiveness they are likely to enjoy in their own particular circumstances. This study presents a research framework on how to conduct such an analysis and how to design educational innovations for scalability through enhancing their adaptability for effective usage in a wide variety of settings. The River City MUVE, a technology-based curriculum designed to enhance engagement and learning in middle school science, is presented as a case study. KeywordsEducational innovations-Adaptability-Scalability-Engagement-Learning-Heuristics-Dimensions of scale-Sustainability-Robust design-Instructional design-Instructional technology-Technology infrastructure-Multi-user virtual environment (MUVE)-Ruggedization-Professional development-K-12-Teacher ownership-Collaboration-Sustainability

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