This study aimed to determine whether the following factors were associated with an incomplete audiologic diagnosis evaluation (IAD): age at newborn screening, length of time between newborn screening and first follow-up, and total number of follow-ups. 2011-2013 linked Louisiana Early Hearing Detection and Intervention data and birth records were analyzed. Logistic regression models were used to evaluate different effects of the predictors on IAD among birth weight groups. In very low birth weight newborns, there were no statistical associations of IAD with age at NHS or length of time between NHS and first follow-up, but there was with the number of follow-up appointments. Among low birth weight or normal weight newborns, risk of IAD was significantly increased in babies with NHS > 30 days of age; length of time between NHS and first follow-up > 30 days; and having more than 1 follow-up. In order to reduce the number of infants who fail to complete the audiologic diagnosis evaluation, it is necessary to conduct NHS early, expedite follow-up, and decrease the number of follow-ups.