Preterm infants and neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) graduates are more likely to have risk factors associated with hearing loss than their full-term, healthy peers, making them more prone to experience hearing loss (Behrman & Butler, 2007). This study examined information presented to parents during and after the newborn hearing screening (NBHS). A 22 question survey was posted on NICU and preemie support websites for parents to access and participate in anonymously. Results of the survey were analyzed for respondents indicating that their child was born in the year 2007 to the present. Thirty-nine percent of responding parents were unaware their child had a risk factor for hearing loss. Parents reported that nurses most often delivered NBHS results, although all medical professionals listed in the survey were equally likely to educate parents on risk factors pertaining to their child. Data indicated a gap between medical professionals and parents concerning NBHS follow-up information. Written follow-up procedures after NBHS test results are given to the parents should be included in a discharge packet as well as information relating to the normal development of auditory, speech and language milestones.