The study aimed to identify if there was a relationship between a follow-up hearing appointment scheduled prior to hospital discharge (hospital scheduled appointment) and follow-up status, including loss to follow-up or loss to documentation (LTF/LTD); early follow-up initiation; and early completion of audiological diagnosis. The study included 4,597 children who were born between January 2015 and June 2016 in Louisiana birthing hospitals and failed newborn hearing screening (NHS) prior to hospital discharge. Of the study population, 56.1% of children were scheduled for a follow-up hearing appointment prior to hospital discharge. Among children without a hospital scheduled appointment, the rate of LTF/LTD and the rate of early follow-up initiation were 52% and 25%, respectively, higher than children with a hospital scheduled appointment. There was no statistical association of early completion of audiological diagnosis with a hospital scheduled appointment. Thus, a hospital scheduled appointment improved LTF/LTD and early follow-up initiation among newborns who failed NHS.