Journal on Empowering Teaching Excellence


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A faculty development workshop, focused on incorporating universal learning strategies into developmental mathematics courses, was created and utilized in a developmental mathematics department at an open-enrollment, mid-western university to ascertain the best methods for dissemination of essential learning strategies to developmental math students. Successful faculty development programs were studied and utilized in the design of the workshop. The attributes of the workshop were discussed. Faculty were surveyed and qualitative data was analyzed to determine the workshop’s efficacy. The research aimed to understand if participation in the workshop changed faculty knowledge, beliefs, and attitudes in the following areas: (a) willingness to include learning strategies during class time; (b) knowledge of learning strategies and the effect of those strategies on students; and (c) application of the learning strategies into their courses. Pre- and post-workshop surveys were given to instructors measuring their knowledge of learning strategies, application of these strategies in their courses, and willingness to incorporate learning strategies into their pedagogy. In the workshop, instructors participated in discussion boards and set goals. The researchers analyzed the discussions and goal statements using thematic coding. The participants’ comments revealed that, while the workshop changed all participants’ knowledge of learning strategies and potentially changed all participants’ attitudes and beliefs, the extent of the change in attitudes and beliefs depended upon the pre-workshop mindset of the instructor.