Letter from J. A. Bexell

Document Type

Secretary, 1904-1907

Journal/Book Title/Conference

William Kerr papers, University Archive, 03p01s04d02Bx007Fd12

Publication Date

April 21, 1906


request, submission, information, cash value, buildings, land, equipment, Utah Agricultural College, inventories, expenditures, fixed equipment, apparatus, library, furniture, experiment station, funds, estimate, museum, printing, heating, volumes, pamphlets, inventory, real estate, acres, main building, building proper, boiler house, steam heat, sub-station, sewer, water works, commercial equipment, settees, mechanic arts building, value, salvage, transformer house, dormitory, residence, president's residence, director's residence, farm superintendent, cottages, farm buildings, cattle barn, sheep barn, piggery, poultry building, vegetation house, tie sheds, fencing, horse barn, veterinary hospital, conservatory, improvements


Letter concerning financial information for Utah Agricultural College, with an inventory of real estate, buildings, and fixed equipment attached.

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