Letters from L. O. Howard

Document Type

U.S.D.A., 1903-1907

Journal/Book Title/Conference

William Kerr papers, University Archive, 03p01s04d02Bx007Fd04

Publication Date

January-February 1906


Dr. Yoder, director, Experiment Station, Utah Agricultural College, proposal, cooperation, method, summer, correspondence, entomologist, Utah Agricultural College, Professor E. D. Ball, leaf-hopper, damage, sugar beet, Utah, explanation, assistants, bureau of entomology, U. S. Department of Agriculture, telegraphic request, investigate, report, service, Experiment Station, authorities, funds, information, suggestion, interference, propostion, collaborator, salary, publication, results, permission, bulletin, circular, growers, help, assistance


Letter concerning cooperation with the bureau of entomology, with a letter to Dr. Yoder enclosed.

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