Letter from Joseph Jenson

Document Type

Mechanical Arts, 1906

Journal/Book Title/Conference

William Kerr papers, University Archive, 03p01s04d02Bx005Fd18

Publication Date

October 15, 1906


report, condition, Utah Agricultural College, School of Engineering and Mechanic Arts, interference, state legislature, Utah, amendment, section 2087, revised statutes of Utah, courses, engineering, fire, mechanic arts building, equipment, apparatus, destruction, meeting, board of trustees, ruling, graduate, state board of examiners, restoration, students, vacancy, chair, civil engineering, classes, teaching force, professors, opening, mechanic arts, postponement, reconstruction, machine shops, carpentry department, drill hall, main building, attendance, plant, machinery, curriculum, separation, agriculture, congressional act, legislative act, congress, land grant colleges, senator, laws, department of the interior, classification, supplementary act, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, irrigation engineering, mining engineering, marine engineering, railway engineering, experimental engineering, textile engineering, architecture, machine design, mechanical drawing, ceramics, stenography, typewriting, telegraphy, printing, shop work, territorial legislature, federal acts, restrictions, state constitution, manual training, interpretation, irrigation, hydraulics, misunderstanding, inventories, expenditures, biennium, laboratory, shops, iron machine shop, forge shop, carpenter shop, salaries, appropriation, summary, financial, conclusion, facilities


Letter concerning a report for the school of engineering and mechanic arts at Utah Agricultural College.

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