Summary of the Majority Report of the College Commission 1906


Geo. A. Eaton

Document Type

Consolidation Controversy, 1903-1907

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William Kerr papers, University Archive, 03p01s04d02Bx005Fd01

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summary, report, college commission, act, legislature, Utah Agricultural College, University of Utah, constitutional amendment, consolidation, institutions, Secretary of State, transmission, session, duplication, cost, recommendations, constitutional convention, examination, arguments, members, solution, problem, investigation, separate maintenance, constitutional proceedings, faculty, cost, higher education, estimate, students, appropriation, interest, land fund, summer school, recapitulation, duplication, libraries, museums, apparatus, conservatories, groups, buildings, subjects, courses, preparatory schools, results, mining, normal work, arts, sciences, medicine, law, commerce, agriculture, effect, common schools, endowments, state schools, plan, future cost, conclusion, appendix


Act creating a commission to investigate the work of Utah Agricultural College and the University of Utah.

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