Papers concerning the Salt Lake City Directory 1904

Document Type

Publishers, May 25, 1903-April 26, 1904

Journal/Book Title/Conference

William Kerr papers, University Archive, 03p01s04d02Bx003Fd20

Publication Date

February-May 1904


Salt Lake City Directory, Pacific Express, R. L. Polk & Company, Utah Agricultural College, charges, expense, prepaid, copy, contract, advertisement, name, volume, bill, statement, remittance, communication, press, print, renew, display, special rate, file, corrections, proof, mail


Letter concerning a copy of the Salt Lake City Directory 1904 with a bill attached, letter in response from W. J. Kerr, copy of a check for the same, as well as a letter concerning contract renewal with R. L. Polk & Company.

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