D. W. Springer

Document Type

National Education Association, 1902-1903

Journal/Book Title/Conference

William Kerr papers, University Archive, 03p01s04d02Bx002Fd14

Publication Date

July 1903


Boston meeting, N. E. A., D. W. Springer, Michigan, National Educational Association, Boston, membership, forty-second meeting, programs, railway rates, tickets, registration and assignment headquarters, Wisconsin, active members, local excursions, railway routes, outlook, attendance, Michigan Central Railroad, rate, extension, joint agency, stop-overs, side trips, souvenir, tickets, lake steamers, Pere Marquette Railroad, Canadian Pacific Railway, superintendent, Upper Peninsula delegations, Grand Trunk railway system, Wabash Railway


Booklet concerning Michigan at the National Educational Association, as well as a notecard from D. W. Springer concerning the Boston meeting.