Mr. Southwick

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NEA, 1903-1906

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William Kerr papers, University Archive, 03p01s04d02Bx002Fd16

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House of Representatives, National Educational Association, N. E. A., bill, H. R. 10501, incorporate, officers, directors, trustees, corporation, members, body coporate, District of Columbia, National Education Association of the United States, powers, limitations, restrictions, teaching, education, teachers, instructors, National Council of Education, departments, organization, superintendence, normal schools, elementary education, higher education, manual training, art education, kindergarten education, music education, secondary education, business education, child study, physical education, natural science instruction, school administration, library department, special education, Indian education, by-laws, seal, active, associate, corresponding, board of directors, executive committee, board of trustees, Congress


Bill that went to the House of Representatives concerning the National Educational Association.