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The authors’ mission is to describe the partnership, production, and exchange of knowledges between the Māori and non-Māori people in the project entitled, Te Puāwaitanga o Ngā Tapuwae Kia Ora Tonu. Life and Living in Advanced Age: A Cohort Study in New Zealand (LiLAC Study NZ). LiLACS NZ is an investigation of the successful factors and trends of [advanced] ageing of two groups of people who are 80 plus years old and more. In the project, the two groups may be considered the elite of the oldest old since they are 1% of their cohort in their birth year still living. Currently, the longitudinal study is in the 5 th year of operation. The focus of the article is on the lived experience narrated by the advisory group of Elders called, Te RōpūKaitiaki o ngā tikanga Māori (the protectors of principles of conduct in Māori research) at the Gerontological Society of America’s conference in New Orleans in 2013.