H.O.P.E. for Indigenous People Battling Intergenerational Trauma: The Sweetgrass Method

The Sweetgrass Method, when applied to practitioners/clinicians, embraces the three strands. The first strand in the braid (Introspection) focuses one’s mental state by grounding the self to the present moment with healthy/healing approaches, in addition to recognizing and reflecting on one's thoughts, emotions and actions. The second strand in the braid (Collaboration) weaves the importance as professionals in the area consultation (with other professionals or traditional practitioners) for support on services that are working for the client, as well as receiving feedback on services that may need to be tailor-made or improved. The third strand in the braid (Continuity) directs us as practitioners/clinicians on the prominence of continuum of care with Indigenous clients in the areas working from a cultural responsive lens. No matter how successful or how much experience we as practitioners/ clinicians may have, we will all benefit by learning from the partnership we share with our clients, their communities, and from our own capabilities.