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Indigenous Utmost Care


Indigenous Psychology can include land-based indicators of validity and reliability. With the question, “How do we earn our eagles over our schools?”, the youth, community, schools, and Nations began with a commitment with the land. The care of the land led to student leadership and the eagles literally began to fly above the schools. Now the work in health and education could include a relevant land-based indicator that could be celebrated. As the eagle feather is used with Indigenous Voice, now the eagles above the schools became a statement of wholeness. With many systems of support for youth, the sharing within complex cases could now also include song. Twenty-two eagles flew above, around the schools and the work was complete when an eagle literally flew over the Métis and Treaty Six flags. With nine different sites and common methods of Indigenous Intervention, while working collaboratively with many professionals, the issues of land trauma, trauma, Indigenous voice, and support could become Indigenous Validity.