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Riverside Ranch was one of the first homesteads built in Colorado's Roaring Fork River Valley in the 1880s. The project site was a stop for the railroad and stage coaches travelling to nearby Aspen and a successful agricultural and ranching operation for decades. In the mid-twentieth century, the site transitioned into use as an asphalt mixing plant for the Colorado Department of Transportation. When the landscape architect began work, the site was essentially a brownfield in need of rehabilitation as it was host to multiple rundown historic buildings and remnants of the asphalt plant. The design team reconstructed the landscape to create a private residential property, incorporating native vegetation with year-round visual interest and reclaimed materials to tie the site to its heritage. A riparian corridor stores water on-site, releases it on demand for downstream users per state requirements, improves water quality, and provides habitat for multiple trout species. The historic structures were restored and reconfigured to create a visual amenity, forming a quadrangle in a manner reminiscent of the site's past.