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Modeling of the effects of land use change and irrigation on hydroclimate

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Land Use: Planning, Regulations, and Environment


Christoph Aubrecht, Sergio Freire, Klaus Steinnocher


NOVA Science Publisher

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The edited book volume “Land Use: Planning, Regulations, and Environment” is a diverse compilation of ten chapters covering different facets of the field of land use research with a particular focus on planning aspects. The contributions were selected by the guest editors after passing a thorough peer review process involving selected international subject experts. Besides the planning component which is considered the central theme of the book volume, articles also address risk and climate change as well as local land use development and sustainable management aspects. Contributions include application-oriented case studies, as well as conceptual approaches and data simulation and modeling-driven elaborations. In terms of land use planning and its implications on society and the environment, recommendations are provided that show how proper strategies help in avoiding negative effects and provide improved decision support on multiple levels.