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A study on the form of the early housing and program of architectural experiencing program in Jamestown Settlement, US

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Journal of the Architectural Institute of Korea





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The purpose of this study is to understand housing styles and village structures in the early days of English settlement in Jamestown in Virginia, U.S. This study focuses on not only analyzing the characteristics inherent in the forms and planar typology of housing but also introducing historical and cultural tourism program combined with local architectural heritages located in the area. Jamestown is the first permanent settlement where the English immigrants settled in North America in 1607. Also it carries meaningful values since Jamestown became a revitalized village like a living village museum by archeological excavations and architectural tourism with respect to the representation of the early English settler's architecture. The study carried out the survey focusing on the site of James Fort, typology and structure of housings, and participated in architectural experiencing program of Jamestown settlement during from Jul. 25. 2010 to Aug. 2. 2010. The results are as follows. First, the settlers constructed the first village on triangle site and land conditions with high wood fence in order to protect themselves. Second, there were a simple thatched-roof frame housing and two story raw houses influenced by English mud/stud housing in the late 16C. The plan of those housings had a one rectangular room or rectangular linear space, and the form of thatched-roof had a gable style with projected chimney. The last, regarding the way the town manages programs, with a leadership from local government, residents voluntarily participate in progress of annual program, and the visitor center synthetically provides a historical and cultural tourism with regular services for the purpose of student's education and visitor's experience of the early life of English colonists so that they can get the idea of Jamestown as the birth place and colonial traditional village in United States of America.

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