A Family Affair


A Family Affair


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Rebecca Leonard was at Design Workshop for 12 years—a principal for nine years, partner for seven years, and president for the last three. Although her previous work had stretched from the private to the public sectors and across many project types, she was able to help the firm pivot during the recession from mostly private development to a balance of private and public work. She then founded her own firm, Lionheart Places LLC in Austin, TX. She is a planner, designer and advocate for smart communities. After 20 years working for both the public sector and other consulting firms, she has witnessed many visions struggle towards implementation. Public private partnerships are particularly challenging for decision-makers, and they are Rebecca’s specialty.

Steven Spears is an independent landscape architecture design consultant and a principal with GroundWork Development Company. Integrating his education in landscape architecture and fine arts, Spears has worked for 20+ years across the globe in the planning and design of numerous urban streetscapes, park and public realm, resort, private residential, mixed use, green infrastructure, corporate campus and master planned community projects. Thoughtful leadership, design, and research creates the foundation of Spears work. He methodically integrates the local values of economy, sustainability, culture, and human sensory. At the core is his relentless pursuit of sustainably integrating humanity and ecology. He was inducted into the American Society of Landscape Architects' Council of Fellows in 2015.


Utah State University

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Landscape Architecture, Ecology, Community Projects


Environmental Design | Landscape Architecture | Urban, Community and Regional Planning

A Family Affair