Developing (Through) an Equity Lens



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"Development" and "Developer" are often viewed as dirty words. However, change itself is important and, in most places, inevitable. So how can we actively work to make changes to our built environments with and for the communities we serve instead of moving in, doing deals, and then running off to the next opportunity without taking stock of the legacy we're leaving behind? In this presentation, we will review case studies from in and around Denver, CO, of developments in progress that seek to increase affordable housing, schools, commercial spaces for non-profit services, and more. The process is never perfect, but the challenge is always to try to work in a more equitable manner and to achieve more equitable outcomes.

Erin Clark brings 20+ years of experience in urban planning and real estate law in both public and private sectors to her role as Vice President of Master Development for Urban Land Conservancy (ULC), a Denver, CO-based non-profit real estate organization with a mission of preserving, developing, stewarding, and managing permanently affordable housing and shared office space for nonprofits and mission-minded organizations in Metro Denver and surrounding communities. She is committed to seeing development of thoughtful and sustainable urban infill projects that promote walkability and community cohesion. At ULC, leads efforts to acquire and develop large, multi-phased and multi-use sites of approximately 3-30 acres, particularly in transit-oriented development areas, to create long-term community benefits. Erin holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Brown University, a master’s degree in urban planning from the University of Southern California, and a law degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Erin is a current Colorado State Land Board Commissioner, Vice Chair of the Denver Planning Board, founding working group member of the Colorado Housing Affordability Project (CHAP), a member of Real Estate Section Council of the Colorado Bar Association, and author of the article Community Land Trusts: An Essential Tool in the Affordable Real Estate Toolbox (Colorado Lawyer, April 2020).


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Developing (Through) an Equity Lens