USU Libraries Land Acknowledgement Workshop Series

USU Libraries Land Acknowledgement Workshop Part 1


USU Libraries Land Acknowledgement Workshop Part 1


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Three guest speakers shared their thoughts on the value and purpose of land acknowledgements.

Darren Parry: Former Chairman of Northwestern Band of the Shoshone Nation
"As someone gains a greater understanding of the perspective of the people that first lived here, it not only becomes easier to acknowledge their contributions to history it becomes necessary. And by the way...we are still here."

Marilyn Cuch, Lecturer in the School of Teacher Education and Leadership at the Uintah Basin Campus, Hunkpapa Lakota from the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe of North and South Dakota
"Culturally relevant teaching entails teaching about the Indigenous peoples and the lands our schools, homes, and lives take place on. As an Indigenous educator and parent, I will focus on why it is important, where to start in developing a land acknowledgement statement, and providing context about presenting a land acknowledgement statement from an Indigenous perspective."

Dr. Colleen O’Neill, Associate Professor of History
“Reckoning with History: Land Grant Universities and Native American Land Acknowledgements
Land Grant Universities are often heralded as one of America’s greatest achievements, a testament to the success of American democratic institutions. In the years following the Civil War, these institutions provided liberal and technical education to more people than ever before. But, the expansion of democracy meant the denial of land and sovereignty rights to Native Americans. My talk will examine this contradiction, and discuss meaningful ways that Land Grant Institutions can acknowledge this history and better serve the Native communities on whose land they now stand."


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USU Libraries Land Acknowledgement Workshop Part 1