Marginalia number 30

Merrill-Cazier Library, Utah State University

Document Type Journal/Newsletter

Table of Contents

Feel the Magic: A Place for Physical Objects in the Modern Library … Brad Cole, Special Collections & Archives

Congratulations: USU Press receives national awards in 2011 for three new publications.

“How to Open a Book” Reprint of a long-ago primer on the proper way of opening a book.

We Welcome 3 New Librarians: Andrew Wesolek, Scholarly Communications and Institutional Repository Librarian; Clint Pumphrey, Manuscript Curator for Special Collections & Archives; Hannah Kim, Digital Services Librarian.

Graphic Novels: A Library Exhibit… Curated by Vicki Read; Andrea Hathaway, and Jennifer Duncan

Innovations & Scholarship: Contributions to Librarianship … The latest library faculty presentations, publications, and poster sessions.

Frances Winton Champ: A cornerstone of Cache Valley Musical Culture: An Exhibition. Jeff Lyon, Curator with Brad Cole & Kathy Schockmel, Advisors. Adapted, with an update on opening reception, from an article by Patrick Williams.

Mormons and the Civil War: Announcement of Friends of the Library Lecture by Fred E. Woods, October 27th.