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Is Utah a good place for women to start and run businesses? You may be misled if you rely on what the media has been reporting the past few years about women in Utah. A host of state rankings has continually put Utah as one of the worst states in the nation for women. For example, Utah did not fare well in the WalletHub’s recent “2015’s Best and Worst States for Women’s Equality.” Utah was also included in the New York Post’s “5 Places Women Shouldn’t Spend Their Travel Dollars,” and in 2014 Utah was ranked as the worst state for women on the “10 Worst States for Women” list at 24/ In addition, Utah did poorly in the Center for American Progress report, “The State of Women in America: A 50-State Analysis of How Women are Faring Across the Nation.”4 Although it is clear that we need to improve the representation of women in leadership and decision-making roles, in the gender wage gap, and in funding for programs and efforts that support the well-being of Utah women, these rankings were based on limited criteria. However, one area not included in these criteria that would have strengthened Utah rankings is women and entrepreneurship.

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