Speaking Up: Does it Help Women be Seen as Leaders?

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A woman’s voice holds power, and the ability to positively and effectively communicate to those around us is a critical way to develop and use that power. In fact, the way we choose to utilize our voices will affect who we are as women and our potential and ability to strengthen our leadership. I recently read an article by Elizabeth J. McClean, Sean R. Martin, Kyle J. Emich, and Todd Woodruff on the impact of voice titled “The Social Consequences of Voice: An Examination of Voice Type and Gender on Status and Subsequent Leader Emergence.” The study focused on two types of voice and how speaking out may affect the way we are perceived in leadership positions among our peers and managers (and probably others too). The study also examined how gender influences the initial judgement of voice and the sway it can have on those listening. I found it very interesting, but a little discouraging too.

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