Scanning Microscopy


Colloidal gold may be conjugated to a wide variety of macromolecules, provides a versatile system for immunocytochemical studies by various types of microscopy (light and fluorescent microscopy, scanning (SEM) and transmission (TEM) electron microscopy), and is significantly contributing to the development of SEM immunocytochemistry as a routine analytical procedure.

A comprehensive overview has been compiled of the literature on SEM bioapplications of colloidal gold. This is illustrated through a selected series of studies focussing on a) cell surface receptor-ligand interactions; b) expression of cell surface lectin-binding sites; c) surface distribution of extracellular matrix components; and d) visualization of gold-labelled cytoskeletal elements with emphasis on the use of backscattered electron imaging as a powerful analytical adjunct in the development of SEM immunocytochemistry.

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