Scanning Microscopy


Scanning electron microscopy and light microscopy were used to examine seed characters of ten species of the legume genus Atylosia. Seeds of all the species are arillate with a central hilar groove, a character useful for specific delineation of the genus. The testa of A. albicans, A.cajanifolia, A. Lanceolata, A.scarabaeoides and A.volubilis is multi-reticulate. It is rugulate in the rest of the species. Differences in the size and arrangement of rugae can be utilized to separate them from one another. The shape of the hilum and micropyle is distinctive for some species. It was observed that the length of palisade cells and hourglass cells are not correlated with seed size. The tracheid bar is present and is of the common fabaceous type; tracheoids show variations in pitting and vesturing. Based on the character of the aril, spermoderm, tracheoids and pits, a key has been designed to identify species of Atylosia. It is hoped that this study will be helpful taxonomically.

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