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The injured endothelium undergoes rapid repair of areas of cell desquamation in order to maintain the structural integrity of the endothelial surface. Endothelial repair involves a series of processes which include endothelial cell spreading, translocation, and proliferation. These processes are well defined events which occur sequentially in time. Spreading and translocation are mediated by the cell cytoskeleton - F-actin microfilaments and microtubules and associated centrosomes. The regulation of these processes is complex and is likely due to soluble factors present at the site of injury which are released from activated endothelial cells, platelets, the subendothelial substratum, activated serum factors, and hemodynamic shear stress. Cell replication occurs in order to replace lost cells and maintain the appropriate cell density of the endothelial surface. The factors which regulate endothelial cell proliferation are currently under study.

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