Scanning Microscopy


Among the large number of topics related to the quantification of images in electron and confocal microscopies for applications in biology, we selected four subjects that we consider to be representative of some recent tendencies. The first is the quantification of three-dimensional data sets recorded routinely in scanning confocal microscopy. The second is the quantification of the textural and fractal appearance of images. The two other topics are related to image series, which are more and more often provided by imaging instruments. The first kind of series concerns electron energy-filtered images. We show that the parametric (modelling) approach can be complemented by non-parametric approaches (e.g., different variants of multivariate statistical techniques). The other kind of series consists of multiple mappings of a specimen. We describe several new tools for the study and quantification of the co-location, with potential application to multiple mappings in microanalysis or in fluorescence microscopy.

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