Scanning Microscopy


Energy dispersive X-ray microanalysis was performed on altogether 42 surgically removed tissue specimens of 32 patients, which were taken either from intact thyroid parts or various histopathologically verified tumors of the thyroid gland. The tissue specimens were processed with the freeze-fracture-freeze-drying technique and then analyzed in the so-called bulk specimen form. The studies were carried out during the years 1980-81, when intranuclear monovalent ionic composition was studied in detail. From the retained total elemental peak list, it was possible to calculate retrospectively the relative intranuclear Mg and P contents. The data processed by nested (hierarchical) analysis of variance show that the intranuclear Mg content of the 5 diagnostic groups (normal thyroid tissue, thyroiditis, benign adenomas, differentiated carcinomas and undifferentiated thyroid tumors) increases significantly, in parallel with the increasing malignancy, but the P content remains unchanged. One can conclude that the elevated intranuclear Mg content in the tumors of high malignancy may be of diagnostic importance, and a warning signal for the therapeutic approaches based on Mg-supplementations.

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